Premium Fescue

Varities are dependent on NTEP trials best suited for the Southeast.

Kentucky 31 Fescue

Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue Grass produces an economical, low maintenance tall fescue grass that is unique for its increased heat tolerance.

Annual Ryegrass

Commonly used as a transitional grass, it is reseeded over warm-season grasses in the fall to keep lawns green-year round in the south and northern areas of the U.S. were warm-season grasses are planted.

TXR Ryegrass

A cutting-edge turf-type annual ryegrass, featuring quick establishment, superior turf quality and rapid springtime transition. While designed for use in overseeding golf course fairways and roughs and sports fields, it is also well adapted for home lawns, parks and business park industrial lawns.

Futura 3000 Perennial Ryegrass

A distinctive combination of elite varieties selected for optimal performance. Futura 3000 is a premium, blend of turf-type perennial ryegrasses. Featuring a very dark green color and fine-leafed appearance, Futura 3000 is tolerant of drought, heat and low mowing heights.

Creeping Red Fescue

Creeping Red Fescue is a fine bladed grass with medium to dark green color. It is easily established from seed and spreads with rhizomes with a “creeping” growth habit.

Contractors Blend 80/20 Fescue Rye

Fast germinating seed that will be a part of any project that needs to be established. Contractors mix is generally used when a job requires quick results.

Yukon Bermuda

A seeded turf-type Bermuda grass, Yukon is the best choice for turf manager needing exceptional seeded bermudagrass, no matter what growing zone. Uses up to 25% less water than other bermudagrasses, while maintaining superior turf quality.

Compadre Zoysia

Can be seeded on any turfgrass project that is specified for zoysiagrass use. Compadre zoysia will have a leaf width and turf texture more similar to that of Meyer vegetative zoysia, a medium to medium-fine variety. Golf course tees, fairways and roughs, sports fields, schools, parks and home lawns can all use zoysia for high quality turf.

Futura Heat Bermuda

An economical and beneficial choice for a turf project manager, architect or designer. With its rapid germination and establishment rate, it is an excellent choice for project managers on a tight completion schedule. 


A warm season, thick sod forming, uniform growing, and medium to light green colored grass. Centipede is probably the lowest maintenance of the warm season grasses.

Ninety Six Two Creeping Bentgrass

A multi-use creeping bent will tolerate the lowest putting green heights, but also is excellent for tee and fairway use. Medium dark green color, finer leaf texture and overall dense and attractive appearance. It is very well adapted to areas with significant summer stress.

Forage and Food Plot Seed available upon request from Pennington Seed.